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C is a procedural programming language. It was initially developed by Dennis Ritchie in the year 1972. It was mainly developed as a system programming language to write an operating system. The main features of C language include low-level access to memory, a simple set of keywords, and clean style, these features make C language suitable for system programmings like an operating system or compiler development.

Many later languages have borrowed syntax/features directly or indirectly from C language. Like syntax of Java, PHP, JavaScript, and many other languages are mainly based on C language. C++ is nearly a superset of C language (There are few programs that may compile in C, but not in C++).

Course Curriculum

Section 1:Introduction
What is Programming Language? FREE 00:05:00
What is C language FREE 00:15:00
History of C Language FREE 00:20:00
Features Of C Language 00:30:00
How ‘C’ works 00:20:00
QUIZ C SECTION 1 00:20:00
SECTION 2: Algorithm and Flowchart
C What is Algorithm 00:00:00
C What is Flowchart? 00:00:00
C Example of Algorithm and Flowchart 00:00:00
QUIZ C SECTION 2 00:20:00
SECTION 3: Basic Structure of C
C Data types 00:00:00
C Tokens 00:00:00
C Formatted Input and Output 00:00:00
C Expression(Operator) 00:00:00
Modularization 00:00:00
Top-down and Bottom-up designing approach 00:00:00
C Storage Class 00:00:00
C Basic Programming 00:00:00
QUIZ C SECTION 3 00:20:00
SECTION 4: Control Statements
C Selection Statements(Branching,Decision Structure) 00:00:00
C Loops 00:00:00
C Jump Statements 00:00:00
QUIZ C SECTION 4 00:20:00
SECTION 5: Array
Arrays 00:00:00
C Multi Dimensional array 00:00:00
C Passing Array to Function 00:00:00
Return array from a function 00:00:00
C Pointer to an array 00:00:00
QUIZ C SECTION 5 00:20:00
SECTION 6: Functions
What is Function in C ? 00:00:00
C Types of Function 00:00:00
C Function Prototype 00:00:00
C Function calling,definition and passing arguments 00:00:00
C Return statement 00:00:00
QUIZ C SECTION 6 00:20:00
SECTION 7: Recursion
C Recursion 00:00:00
QUIZ C SECTION 7 00:15:00
SECTION 8: User-defined datatype
C Structure 00:00:00
C Union 00:00:00
C Enum 00:00:00
QUIZ C SECTION 8 00:20:00
SECTION 9: Pointer and Dynamic Memory Allocation
C Pointer Concept 00:00:00
C NULL Pointer and Pointer Arithmetic 00:00:00
C Incrementing and decrementing Pointer 00:00:00
C Pointer Comparison and Pointer to Pointer 00:00:00
C Passing pointers to functions 00:00:00
C Return Pointer from function 00:00:00
C Pointer to Struct 00:00:00
C Dynamic Memory Allocation 00:00:00
C Pre-processor 00:00:00
QUIZ C SECTION 9 00:20:00
SECTION 10: File Handling
C File Handling 00:00:00
C I/O Operation and Reading/Writing on File 00:00:00
C Advance Topics on File 00:00:00
SECTION 11: Pre-processor
C Introduction of pre-processor and macro 00:00:00
C Conditional Compilation 00:00:00
SECTION 12: Graphics
C Graphics Introduction 00:00:00
Colors in C Graphics 00:00:00
QUIZ C SECTION 10 00:20:00

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