Cyber Security


    The world today is purely driven by modern technology and gadgets. As much as our life is turning digital, it is exposed to cybercrimes. Cybercrime poses a massive threat to individuals, organizations, and institutions.
    Cybersecurity is the protection of Internet-connected systems, including hardware, software, and data from cyber-attacks. It is made up of two words one is cyber and the other is security. Cyber is related to the technology which contains systems, network and programs or data. Whereas security related to the protection which includes systems security, network security and application, and information security.
    It is the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, theft, damage, modification or unauthorized access. It may also be referred to as information technology security.

    Course Curriculum

    Section1: Introduction to Cyber Security
    Overview of Cyber Security 00:00:00
    Challenges and Constraints 00:00:00
    Cyber Threats 00:00:00
    Need for a Comprehensive Cyber Security Policy 00:00:00
    Need for a Nodal Authority 00:00:00
    Need for an International convention on Cyberspace 00:00:00
    Section2: Cyber Security Vulnerabilities
    Overview of Cyber Security Vulnerabilities 00:00:00
    Vulnerabilities in software 00:00:00
    System administration 00:00:00
    Complex Network Architectures 00:00:00
    Open Access to Organizational Data 00:00:00
    Weak Authentication 00:00:00
    Unprotected Broadband communications 00:00:00
    Poor Cyber Security Awareness 00:00:00
    Section3: Cyber Security Safeguards
    Cyber Security Safeguards- Overview 00:00:00
    Access control 00:00:00
    Authentication 00:00:00
    Cryptography 00:00:00
    Denial of Service Filters 00:00:00
    Ethical Hacking 00:00:00
    Firewalls 00:00:00
    Intrusion Detection Systems 00:00:00
    Response 00:00:00
    Scanning 00:00:00
    Security policy 00:00:00
    Threat Management 00:00:00
    Section4: Securing Web Application, Services and Servers
    Introduction of Securing Web 00:00:00
    Basic security for HTTP Applications and Services 00:00:00
    Basic Security for SOAP Services 00:00:00
    Identity Management and Web Services 00:00:00
    Authorization Patterns 00:00:00
    Security Considerations 00:00:00
    Challenges for Securing the Web 00:00:00
    Section5: Intrusion Detection and Prevention
    Intrusion 00:00:00
    Physical Theft 00:00:00
    Abuse of Privileges 00:00:00
    Unauthorized Access by Outsider 00:00:00
    Malware infection 00:00:00
    Intrusion detection and Prevention Techniques 00:00:00
    Anti-Malware software 00:00:00
    Network based Intrusion Detection Systems 00:00:00
    Network based Intrusion Detection Systems 00:00:00
    Host based Intrusion Prevention Systems 00:00:00
    Security Information Management 00:00:00
    Network Session Analysis 00:00:00
    System Integrity Validation 00:00:00
    Section6: Cryptography and Network Security
    Introduction to Cryptography 00:00:00
    Types of Cryptography 00:00:00
    Message Authentication 00:00:00
    Digital Signatures 00:00:00
    Applications of Cryptography 00:00:00
    Overview of Firewalls 00:00:00
    VPN Security Protocols 00:00:00
    Security at Transport Layer 00:00:00
    Security at Network Layer 00:00:00
    Section7: Cyberspace and the Law
    Cyberspace Introduction 00:00:00
    Cyber Security Regulations 00:00:00
    Roles of International Law 00:00:00
    Cyber Security Standards 00:00:00
    Section8: Cyber Forensics
    Introduction to Cyber Forensics 00:00:00
    Handling Preliminary Investigations 00:00:00
    Controlling an Investigation 00:00:00
    Conducting disk-based analysis 00:00:00
    Investigating Information-hiding 00:00:00
    Scrutinizing E-mail 00:00:00
    Validating E-mail header information 00:00:00
    Tracing Internet access 00:00:00
    Tracing memory in real-time 00:00:00

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