MongoDB is an open-source document database that provides high performance, high availability, and automatic scaling.

    In simple words, you can say that – Mongo DB is a document-oriented database. It is an open-source product, developed and supported by a company named 10gen.

    MongoDB is available under General Public license for free, and it is also available under Commercial license from the manufacturer.

    The manufacturing company 10gen has defined MongoDB as:

    “MongoDB is a scalable, open-source, high performance, document-oriented database.” – 10gen

    MongoDB was designed to work with commodity servers. Now it is used by the company of all sizes, across all industries.

    Course Curriculum

    Section1: Introduction
    History 00:00:00
    Features 00:00:00
    No SQL Databases 00:00:00
    Advantages over RDBMS 00:00:00
    Data Types 00:00:00
    Installation 00:00:00
    Shell 00:00:00
    Data Modeling 00:00:00
    Section2: Database
    Create database 00:00:00
    Drop database 00:00:00
    Section3: Collection
    Create collection 00:00:00
    Section4: CRUD Documents
    Insert documents 00:00:00
    Update documents 00:00:00
    Delete documents 00:00:00
    Query documents 00:00:00
    Section5: Miscellaneous
    MongoDB limit() 00:00:00
    MongoDB sort() 00:00:00
    Section6: Connectivity
    Java MongoDB 00:00:00
    PHP MongoDB 00:00:00
    Python MongoDB 00:00:00
    MongoDB Atlas 00:00:00
    Node.js MongoDB 00:00:00
    Section7: Aggregation
    Aggregation Pipeline 00:00:00
    Map Reduce 00:00:00
    Aggregation reference 00:00:00
    Section8: Data models
    Data Modeling concepts 00:00:00
    Data model examples and patterns 00:00:00
    Data Model Reference 00:00:00

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